Cloud Computing

The JET AGE as this era is called has set a pace which individuals, small time businesses and conglomerates must keep up with.  Businesses today no longer need to save all their documents on one particular device. Instead, they can access their files from any terminal at any time, thanks to “cloud computing.”


A metaphor for the internet is called the “cloud”, cloud symbols are often used to portray the Internet on diagrams. It is seen as a virtual space that connects every user from all over the globe, the Internet is likened to a cloud, sharing information by way of global networks. Is your business looking at working smartly and focusing on your core objectives?


File saving and sharing has undergone significant changes over the past decades. Using cloud storage, businesses don’t have to store their information on their own hard drive, they can access it from any location and download it onto any device of their choice; laptops, tablets, or even smartphones. The ease at which you can also edit files, such as Word documents or PowerPoint presentations, simultaneously with other users, making it easier to work outside the office. Looking for such a service? Let Kiote Services assist you to save all your documents.

How can you achieve this? Kiote Services is ready to partner with you using the needed skills and know how to save your work personal documents from fire, theft & corporate espionage. Here is what is being offered at Kiote Services:

  1. Worldwide Access. With the use of Cloud computing mobility increases, as it allows you access your documents from any device in any part of the world. For businesses, employees can work while at home or while on business trips, without carrying around documents as such it increases productivity and allows a faster exchange of information. The good things about it all employees can also work on the same document without having to be in the same place.
  2. More Storage. In time past, memory capacity was limited. If you ran out of memory, you would need a USB drive to backup your current device. Cloud computing provides increased storage, with cloud computing you running out of space on your hard drive is a thing of the past.
  3. Easy Set-Up. Cloud computing service can be setup in a matter of minutes. Users can adjust their personal settings, such as choosing a password or indicating which devices you want to connect to the network, it is that simple.
  4. Automatic Updates. Your Cloud computing providers are responsible for making sure that whatever updates, are done on your behalf.
  5. Reduced Cost. Cloud computing is not expensive.

Are you looking at getting the right attention your company needs? Look no more, its right here. At Kiote Services we can help you grow your business/ brand and focus on your business core objectives. With our skilled professionals to assist your business, we will meet and exceed your expectations. At Kiote Services, we offer greatness.

Image courtesy of hywards at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

August 19, 2016