Video on social media, the new frontier

We have all seen it, those videos in your timeline or twitter feed that you can’t help clicking. Now Facebook and twitter have made you viewing pleasure even easier through auto-playing videos as you scroll through. The ease of access is having a profound impact on how video content is produced and delivered.

With the rise of social media video fewer and fewer people are using Youtube to deliver video content. In the past month, the number of videos delivered directly via social media networks surpassed youtube for the first time.

What this all means

What this means for brands is that people are staying more and more within the confines of their chosen social media platforms. In order to reach your target consumer, you must have a diversified strategy that reaches the consumer where they frequent.

The recently deployed sequential video advertising on Facebook allows you to place targeted video ads in front of a user when they click an ad on their mobile device. Based on what the person clicks, and what the product or message is, you are then able to follow up with similar video ads as they hop from one device to another.

By creating a sequence of targeted ads, you can build up engagement from one video to the next — starting with a “pitch” video and ending with a “hard sell” video intended to close the sale.

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September 15, 2015