The Future of Outsourcing – What To Expect in the Next Decade?

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Outsourcing is already taking a huge swing in the business world. There are a lot of big and even mid-sized companies that are starting to outsource services to some business organization located miles away. If you are planning on outsourcing a similar company or are already cooperating with one, you can put your worries to rest as outsourcing is going to be here for a long time.

The fact is that outsourcing is getting more popular each day, and as opposed to the couple of years back, business organizations are now more open to that option. Simply put, outsourcing is no longer a taboo and many companies have huge benefits from this type of business incentive. What started as an uncategorized and weird form of business partnership has now evolved into a comprehensive business model many companies rely on to ensure their growth.

But enough about the past and the present, the main question is what can we expect in the next decade?

There will be more and more businesses that get outsourced

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The current business market is constantly changing. The fact that technology is advancing faster than ever has made the market so competitive and everyone is chasing after something new and big. Companies are trying optimize their performance as best as they can, in order to make the most out of their resources.

Businesses want to focus on their ideas and innovation instead of wasting energy and resources on things that are more or less not their domain, but are important for their business efforts. In order to stay competitive and deliver products or services that are in demand, business owners often need to make drastic steps and shift the focus of departments as quickly as possible.

This trend is only expected to grow even further, meaning that companies will have to adapt quickly in order to remain at the top of their industry. There are many people that have recognized the growing need for outsourcing, and this is why they’ve opened companies that are focused on making money by being outsourced to do the difficult and time-consuming tasks that most business don’t want to do themselves.

More specialized outsourced services

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The outsourcing market is getting bigger each moment, which means that the competition in the outsourcing industry is also becoming bigger and stronger. Like in any other industry, this growth of competition has made businesses strive to perfect and specialize their services.

If you ask any successful business owner, he or she will most likely tell you that in business it is best to be one of the best in a certain niche than to focus on a couple of areas and provide mediocre services. This is why businesses who get outsourced have also started to specialize in their fields in order to deliver the best service possible.

Not only is this a measure they’ve taken to stay competitive on the market, but this has also produced more quality services that big companies can outsource, meaning that more companies will be open to outsourcing. This trend goes both ways, so all the parties involved will benefit, including customers that get the end products.

Companies can deliver the same quality for a lower price

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By outsourcing business processes, companies can easily cut their costs, save themselves from going under, save the jobs of their employees, keep their prices competitive and deliver high quality products or services to their customers. The fact that most companies can do this by outsourcing some of their jobs to distant businesses, located in some of the less expensive countries of the world, creates a mutual benefit for both parties.

There are many professional and skilled people that can be outsourced in some of the world’s poorest countries. The daily costs of living are much lower for them and it is possible to pay them less, and they will still be satisfied with the money they get, as it will allow them to live an enjoyable and comfortable life. People that live in such countries need the investments and the support of outsourcing.

Each and every job that is created in these countries by outsourcing can create a network of other jobs, while the money from those jobs flows into the economy of a certain nation. This money is used for buying local services and goods, which is how these countries grow even further and, at the same time, the gap between the poor countries and the rich ones gets smaller. This is why all of the countries with a large number of freelancers and companies specializing in outsourcing are working on improving outsourcing protocols and taxation to encourage this business model.


When you look at all of the current trends and those emerging, it is safe to say that the outsourcing market is only going to continue to grow in the future. The next decade looks bright for outsourcing, no matter if we are talking about those who offer their services or those who outsource them.


Article courtesy of Samantha Black from BACKOFFICE PRO

August 8, 2016