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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves implementing an online marketing strategy in terms of your website’s brand identity, in order to ensure that your website is visible on the internet especially in terms of SEO, PPC and other forms of internet marketing such as banner ad campaigns. Search Engine Marketing also involves managing your online reputation and a host of other online marketing initiatives. Essentially Search Engine Marketing equals online visibility for your brand.

Why Search Engine Marketing is Important?

74% of internet users perform local search. Furthermore, the captivating truth is that, of this 74%, 82% of nearby searchers follow up disconnected through an in-store visit, telephone call or buy (TMP/comScore). In 2012, Google handled more than 1.2 trillion inquiry questions. That is a normal of 100 billion searches per month! Google represents 65.2% of search engines amid this period. At the end of the day, search engines are being utilized by a large number of people to get some answers concerning your company’s product or services.


In the present condition where dollars are tight, every dollar spent on publicizing matters like never before, everything with paid search can be estimated in light of conversions (e.g. lead gen, deal) down to the advertisement and keyword levels with the goal that you know precisely what’s working and what’s not performing.


Regardless of whether you need to achieve potential customers in your area or most of the way over the world, you can target searchers down to their city level area (in spite of the fact that that level of pay per click focusing on works preferred in North America over different parts of the world). Focus on a range around a postal district, metro region, state, nation, or include regions of interest.

Adaptability and Measurability

The most vital favourable circumstances of SEM are its facility of being effectively estimated and assessed. SEM being an advertising structure which is to a great degree adaptable offers the facility to effortlessly assess the effect of an ad campaign on its target audience and its intended market focus can be changed according to the received responses.