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Why do you need Odoo ERP Consulting?

To ensure success of your ERP implementation, and provide rapid return on investment

Odoo Consulting Services

Kiote professional Odoo consulting services are proposed to compliment our client’s in-house expertise and help them extract the greatest value from Odoo open source ERP software in their business.

While Odoo provides a great degree of robustness, cost-effectiveness, and flexible framework, there is an immense contrast between installing ERP software and really having the capacity to utilize the software to run the enterprise. Kiote Services provides all the necessary services needed to bridge this gap including project planning, implementation, data migration, custom programming & development, training, and continuous support.

Kiote Services is a solid defender of Odoo software but does NOT participate in the Odoo Partner Program, which is an advantage to our clients!

Partner levels for most software organizations are generally determined by the quantity of professional (paid) licenses sold, and NOT by proven experience, expertise, and client satisfaction. Kiote Services works expansively with the FREE community version (V 8.0) of Odoo and maintains vendor-neutrality so we have NO incentive to recommend professional licenses unless warranted by our clients support requirements.

Odoo Planning & Implementation Services

Kiote Services is, perhaps, most valuable to our clients in the planning phases of an Odoo implementation which begins with extensive planning to fully understand the business and system requirements and mapping the functionalities of the software against those requirements to determine the functional design & workflows, understand where any function may be missing which will determine the development effort, create a plant to migrate data from existing systems to Odoo, and identify any external systems that Odoo may need to integrate with to develop a systems interface design.

Even companies with efficient programmers and software developers do not have complete understanding of Odoo and its processes to be able to accomplish this effectively, even if they are well skilled and capable of everything else.

It’s this detailed planning that ultimately results in the project plan. Kiote Services has a proven roadmap and methodology to guarantee the success of ERP implementations and is capable of managing virtually every component of the ERP project, or can work alongside our clients’ in-house teams to supplement their work effort.

Why should you choose ODOO for your ERP Development

All in one System

It provides a Centralized database for all suite of business applications


Cloud-Based ERP

Being a Cloud-based software Odoo is accessible from anywhere around the globe

Robust & Secure

Odoo is a robust solution that secures you with three fold security measures.

Easy to Migrate

The system is quick to install and easy to migrate to another server.

Low-Cost Solution

Being an open source, Odoo is very Cost effective as a business solution.

Third Party Integrations

Odoo Connectors makes Third Party Application Integration becomes a breeze for you.

Odoo Customization & Module Development

Kiote Services provides our clients professional Odoo Customization & Module Development services. Though some customizations in Odoo can be executed with advanced configuration settings, development of new features should be executed by building a custom module that does not change Odoo’s core code. This does not only preserves the integrity of Odoo’s core code, it also preserves the ability to upgrade to future version if required without overwriting the customizations.

Odoo Support and Training

Kiote Services provides our clients essential Odoo Training and continuous support service to meet their specific needs. Because Odoo training is very wide and general in nature and doesn’t address an individual company’s environment or customization, going through every section of the training is probably inconsequential. Conversely, Kiote Services training involves working directly with individuals and/or managers in specific departments and guiding them on exactly how to use Odoo to execute their specific tasks or jobs.

Kiote services also provides professional ongoing Odoo support services either on a contracted or as-needed basis.