Listen To Your Customers and Know What They Want

It is said that 75% of customers say that in the past year the quality of customer service provided by companies is nothing to write home about. Instead of improving, they stay the same, some are so poor and others are non-existent.  Ask yourself this question, do you really know with precision and confidence, exactly what your customers want? If you are like most business owners, you realize the importance of listening closely and carefully to what your customers are telling you.  You need to interact with your customers; you can use a survey tool to conduct regular email surveys of your customers. You may be surprised to find that many customers would be willing to provide input without any incentive, other than helping you provide better service to them. So don’t assume you already know what customers are thinking or feeling. Interact with them as much as possible, listen attentively and be sure to take action based on input.


At Kiote Services, our outsourced customer service offerings include; customer complaints hotline, surveys/polling, whistle-blower/employee complaint hotline, market surveys and research. This provides a reliable medium for customer feedback. We also have the after hour mailbox and voice mail to e-mail forwarding service that allows your customers to leave a message for you when you are not there, that way you are always in touch with your customers and never leave them hanging. This service not only helps you to hear what your customers have to say, their thoughts on your product and services and, complaints they may have, it also provides a channel for your employees to air their views with no form of constraints. Our services will bring your customers closer to you and make your customers and employees heard.

May 21, 2015