Marketing is changing. Customers are interacting with companies and brands across various channels and marketers need a better way to manage these interactions. The power of a computer is in the pocket of customers at almost every moment throughout the day. They can quickly tweet, update status, check email, look for nearby places to eat with just a couple of touches. Successful marketing and customer satisfaction depend upon listening effectively to understand your customers’ needs, to demonstrate to customers’ that you understand, and anticipate their future needs.

Listening is probably the most significant component of any successful relationship. If we spend time listening, we can better understand the needs of our significant other, or in marketing’s sense, our customer.

Here are some tips to understand the customer and in turn grow your business:

When marketing or selling a service to a customer what the customer actually wants from you takes precedence over what you might want to promote to them. You have to provide them value. You have to show them you are listening. You need to show them you are attuned to their needs and what’s in their best interest. Moving to a relationship centric approach has proven valuable at driving higher revenue per customer and most importantly higher chance of going out on that second date.

When marketing or selling a service to a customer stop trying to score on the first date. Try and show them why you are the one. It won’t be easy. Relationships never are, but lifetime commitment is waiting for you around the corner and better yet, more revenue. Always ask yourself this questions;

  • Why are you better than the next competitor?
  • How are you going to solve their problems for today, tomorrow?

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November 23, 2015