Businesses today are exploring ways of integrating work functions for easier and seamless execution of job functions to enable them to focus on their business objectives.


ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning as it is called is an important application that integrates all the individual department functions using a single software application.

With ERP it is easier to track the workflow across various departments. They help reduce the operational costs involved in manually tracking and (perhaps) duplicating data using individual & separate systems. Are you for looking for a service that encourages smooth running of your organization as well as letting you focus on your business objectives, do you know you can achieve this?

 Kiote Services is ready to partner with you using the needed skills and know how to integrate your business practices which give you the needed opportunity to focus on other areas of your business. Here is what is being offered at Kiote Services:

  1. ERP gives your business complete visibility into all the important processes, across various departments in your organization.
  1. It allows automatic and coherent workflow across departments and ensures a smooth transition and quicker completion of processes allowing all the inter-departmental activities to be properly tracked.
  1. ERP provides your business a unified and single reporting system to analyze its statistics/status etc. in real-time, across your departmental functions.
  1. When (ERP) software is used across all departments, individual departments no longer need to buy or maintain their own software systems.
  1. ERP will provide Business Intelligence functionalities that can give you overall insights on how your business processes work and identify potential areas of problems for improvements.
  1. With ERP system you can manage your Finance/Accounts, Human Resource Management, Manufacturing, Marketing/Sales, Supply Chain/Warehouse Management, CRM functions seamlessly.
  1. The ERP is a modular software system, which allows your business to implement either a few modules (or) many modules based on the requirements of your organization. If more modules implemented, the integration between various departments may be better.
  1. A database system is implemented at the backend to store all the information required by the ERP system, it enables centralized storage/backup of all enterprise data.
  1. ERP systems are secure as centralized security policies can be applied to them. All your business transactions happenings via the ERP systems can be tracked.
  1. ERP systems provide better company-wide visibility and hence enable better/faster collaboration across all the departments.
  1. Is your company using a bar-code reader, for example? It is possible to integrate other systems to the ERP system through an API (Application Programing Interface).
  1. ERP systems make tracking easy be it order tracking, inventory tracking, revenue tracking, sales forecasting and related activities.

Are you looking at getting the right attention your company needs? Look no more, it’s right here. At Kiote Services we can help you grow & improve your business functions through our Enterprise Resource Planning. With our skilled professionals to assist your business, we will meet and exceed your expectations. At Kiote Services, we offer greatness.

 Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

September 15, 2016