Dealing with Difficult Customers

Customers make our business and knowing how to treat them right determines the life span of your

business. We all know the adage that says, “The customer is always right”. This means that even

when they are wrong, they are right, treat the customer as you would a king he is the major reason

you still have a business.

Customer(s) have different personalities; these personalities can be grouped into the Constant

complainers, the Know-it-all, the Egocentrics, the Faultfinders/angry customers. It is vital that every

business owner(s) knows how to handle customer(s), the way you manage them determines your

continued existence in the business world.

RESPECT: Everyone feels bad when you yelled or screamed at it can is difficult to respect a person

when he behaves like a child. Always remind yourself most times you are not the object of the

customer’s anger. Keep your composure, be calm, do not lose control, be in charge of the situation

and remember that without the customer(s) you won’t have a business to run.

LISTEN: Effective listening is important, it helps when you know the reason for the customer’s anger

once you do half of the problem is solved. A good listener focuses and doesn’t allow himself to be

distracted. Listening to your customer is part of finding a solution to any issue that may occur; don’t

interrupt as this will help you understand the genesis of the problem.

EMPATHIZE: Make sure you empathize. Customer(s) want you to understand how they feel, keep it

simple use words like, “I understand how you feel”, “if I were you I’ll be frustrated too”. Empathizing

means letting him know that you understand/ feel his discomfort.

ACCEPT AND AVOID BLAME: Avoid the blame game, never make the customer(s) feel as if he/she is

at fault or is wrong. Subtly make the customer understand his problems can be resolved and make

quick steps to correct any ill impression, he/she will feel more comfortable and relaxed. Show them

you are willing to help.

RESOLVE THE PROBLEM: If you can provide an immediate response that solves the problem go

ahead and solve it, if the problem is not what you can resolve and you need to transfer the customer

to someone that can, make sure you get the customers consent before you transfer him to the right

source, if solving the problem takes longer than it should always keep the customer(s) in the know,

offer a specific time when you will get back to them. Make sure you follow up on the customer(s)

when you said you would, even if you have solved the problem or not. Let the customer(s) know that

solving his problem is your priority and that making him happy is of great importance to you.

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May 6, 2015