Customer service should not just be good, it should be great

Let’s assume you provide good customer service, or rather you think you provide good customer service. Then, why are you receiving complaints from your customers? Why are your customers disappearing? Why are your competitors ahead of you?

Think about a time when you received exceptional customer service at a restaurant or a bank. You probably left in a good mood and ready face the day. Now think about a time when a representative was rude at another restaurant or bank? Which of the two will you go back to? Customer service needs to be more than ok, it has to be great. Customers will always go back to that place they were treated like a king. Who doesn’t want to be treated exceptionally well? The question now is can your customer service skills be great? Can you meet up to your customers expectation? Your customers need to receive nothing short of VIP treatment always.

Great customer service guarantees a great return on investment. Happy customers spend more and, therefore, generate more revenue and refer customers to you to increase your customer base. Once your customer service is great, everything just falls right into place, you won’t have to push hard because your job has already been done for you.

What are the keys to a great customer service?


You need skilled customer service representatives who will treat your customers exceptionally well. Your customer service representatives are the ones with direct contact with your customers so the way that they treat and handle your customers determines if they are going to do business with you again. If their skills are poor, then you’ve already lost your customers before you even started but if they are professionals who know exactly what they are doing, then your customers’ loyalty is guaranteed.


It really boils down to being able to pay attention, Listen. Know your customers and their preferences. Be able to call their customers by their names. Pay attention to every little detail about what they want, show interest, be enthusiastic, show them you want nothing more than to be of service. Paying attention determines the kind of service you render. If you listen properly, you will rarely make a mistake, but if you are always nonchalant, you will never get it right. Be quick to respond also, never leave your customers waiting. Show concern and show them that they are of great importance to you.

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June 3, 2015