Customer Service and Technology

Customer service is a crucial component of your business, for your business to be successful your customer experience should be flawless. New technology provides a way to make your customer service exceptional through the use of IVRs (Interactive Voice Response), Websites, Email, Social Media, phone calls and several other channels.  Leading companies are using technology to make their customer service both efficient and cost effective.

Some customer service technologies include:


A sample IVR would operate by providing options such as: “Press 1 to get information on products and services, press 2 for sales and press 3 to speak with a representative”.  Not only do IVRs make your call experience easier, it automatically connects callers to who they want to contact without human intervention. Callers can also get information on your business at any time of day.


A high-quality website is one of the most important investments you can make. For many customers, your website will create the first impression on the quality of your business.  Make your site easily accessible and able to answer all the relevant questions your customers might have.


Create and optimize your email messages. Make sure you create and automate responses that will get back to your customers once he or she uses your services. Emails help you manage your customers no matter how big they are. Send newsletters to your prospective clients and customers and customized welcome messages to new prospects.


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and instant chat; Set these up and use them as customer contact and feedback channels.  You can post messages about new products or services and they will get to your customers within a matter of minutes.

So are you looking for cutting edge technology and methodologies that will give your business that competitive edge? Kiote Services is here to assist you in your customer service delivery, utilising only techniques we know are proven and effective. Contact us today.

June 18, 2015