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For many companies especially in Africa, business processes are defined through a combination of tradition, system limitations, and personal preference, rather than careful consideration of the most efficient methods of accomplishing objectives, and then implementing the systems and training the personnel to perform effectively.

Unnecessary time is spent re-entering data, critical company information is stored on individual personal computers, or worse, on pieces of paper, where the data is not available to others in the organization. These disparate systems not only increase support costs, but they actually reduce productivity due to the time and resources needed to piece together simple but accurate management reports or even close the books every month.

We have proven expertise and a methodology for quickly identifying areas in the business where productivity is being reduced or money being wasted due to current business processes.

With the Kiote  Services Free Business Process Assessment, we examine the business processes, systems, interfaces, and reports used by the key departments in the organization and present back to the executive management team the areas where significant opportunity exists to quickly drive revenue back to the bottom-line.

For a limited time, Kiote is offering a free Business Process Assessment at no charge to qualified businesses!

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