4 Things to Know When Developing Your Branding Strategy

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Marketing and your image are two very important things in modern business. When you look at big companies, you will see that they spend enormous sums of money on this. A lot of people think that smaller business organizations don’t need branding, but they are quite wrong.

There are currently more small business organizations than ever before, meaning that there is greater competition, and this is why branding is very important. Branding can make your company look memorable and more unique, even though the chances are slim that there are no similar businesses competing with you.

In order to stand out and attract attention, business organizations work on their brands even when they are small and, in modern business, branding strategies should be implemented right from the start. Here are the things you should know when creating your own strategy.

1. You can outsource this whole aspect of your business

A branding strategy for small business organizations doesn’t require a big investment. However, it needs people to focus on it constantly. For example, creating promo materials which are all consistent with your brand can require a lot of time and this is why outsourcing these business processes can be a good idea.

Branding is in everything, and in order to have a consistent strategy, you might need someone’s help. It’s generally difficult for small organizations to do this on their own and this is why they outsource. However, make sure that you find a reliable business partner.

2. Consistency in all branding efforts

Like I just mentioned, consistency is important in branding, but this doesn’t mean that you should work on it at all times. It also means that all of the things which are incorporated into your brand should be complacent with each other. All branding efforts including designs, statements, messages, and concepts, need to go well with each other.

Why is this so important? If people see contradictions, the image they’ll connect to your brand will not be strong and they might even think that it’s not the same business organization.

3. Start your strategy from your logo

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The logo of your company is the foundation of your brand. The first thing you must do is form a great logo design that suits your business organization. At the same time, it should be clear, simple, and it should tell a story about your brand.

Your logo will be everywhere and, besides that, it will send out a powerful message about your brand and all other branding efforts you put in need to further support that message and make it more legit.

4. Make realistic brand promises

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Make sure that you look at your business from within. Understand yourself and your business before everything else. Figure out what the purpose of your organization is, what is the culture you nurture, your goals and figure out how all of these things will reflect on your potential customers.

When the processes and policies of your organization are clearly defined and streamlined with respect to the business ethics, you will be able to provide promises which are realistic and which you will be able to fulfill. Promising something you cannot deliver will only destroy your brand and you will be perceived as unprofessional.

If you keep these 4 things in mind when building your branding strategy, you will be able to set off on the right foot and grow your brand and business further.


4 Things to Know When Developing Your Branding Strategy – Article courtesy of Catherine Park from BACKOFFICEPRO


February 24, 2017